Special Purpose Transformers

Special Purpose Transformers (SPMs) are explained by its name itself, these are made for a specific purpose /application . From designing to manufacturing everything special and specific . Few types of SPMs are listed below:

Dual Ratio Transformers
Auto Transformers
Rectifiers Transformers
Reactor Transformers
Earthing Transformers
LT-LT Transformers
Dual Secondary Transformers for Solar PV Application

RAKSAN designs and manufactures custom designed special transformers for industrial and power applications. We offer customized maintenance and service solutions for transformers with state-of-the-art machinery & equipment and testing facilities.

In RAKSAN each transformer is designed as a new product and customized to comply with specific customer requirements. The RAKSAN engineering team covers the complete design of a Transformers, from designing of core and coils to the tank and the supporting structures with proper cooling system and full protection.

Transformers engineering begins from electromagnetic and thermal design of core and windings. This activity is performed by means of standardized calculation sheets developed by our Design Department over the years for particular studies, such as: short –circuit impendence of phase-shifted multi winding transformers , eddy current and stray losses calculation due to harmonics , hot-spots calculation and localization on windings and carpentry , mechanical stresses due to short – circuit , insulation assessment.

Each transformers is supplied with a set of basic documents describing its features and functionalities, such as fabrications drawing ,HV/LV connection drawings , auxiliary circuit / schematic wiring diagrams , cooling system drawings, user’s manual.