Wire/Strip Drawing/DPC Plant

In a fast growing, competitive and diverse electrical equipments industry quality often becomes the most distinguishing product feature. In order to achieve and sustain high quality standards, we have fully fledged in-house conductor processing facilities to meet all types of design requirements and expectations of our customers with various types of shapes and sizes.

We have latest machinery from wire drawing to heat treatment to paper covering everything. We have fully skilled and trained workforce, who ensures proper processing with Complete QC Checking Our production facilities have the expertise in manufacture of windings wire of all types –Copper, Aluminium; Round and Rectangular .Our production systems are often customized to meet our design department’s complete needs. Our end products meet all of the well-Known Indian and International standards .This provides utmost confidence to our customers regarding the reliability and consistent quality of Conductors processed by us. We use Electrolytic grade copper conductor and high conductors and best in class insulating materials which guarantees the desired High-Voltage, Elongation & Insulation thickness and other quality parameters.

MS Tank Fabrications

We have full-fledged in-house fabrications facilities to meet day to day increased expectations of our customers with various types of shapes and sizes. We have latest machinery with fully skilled and trained workforce. Core Clamps to Tanks wall Panels to Cables Boxes all are manufactured in different sizes and from different materials. Reliable welded joints are guaranteed even for different materials .As with all the fittings, our modern manufacturing plants ensure precise positioning and highest fitting accuracy. All our welders are well qualified and are trained.

Leak-Proof welding (QC/QA)

Thanks to the latest UV technology for ensuring proper welding with 100% leak-proof. RAKSAN has developed economic leak-testing methods to ensure perfect welding Magna-Flux DP testing system.