Surface Treatment & Corrosion Protection

Raksan Transformers Private Limited surface technology is subject to very high standards since many of the constructions such as tanks for offshore plants have to stand extremely hard conditions in their later operational area ( up to C5-5 Class). This is why we Short-blast steel components in our blasting plant to 100% to assure absolute surface cleanliness and plant adhesion. For obtaining optimum corrosion protection, we are using different coating procedures depending on the product’s geometry or the requirements.

1. Spray Coating

2. Flow Coating


Completely Self Protected Distribution Transformers

Wide range of CSP transformers in accordance to above standards with different combinations can be manufactured. The CSP transformers are generally designed and manufacturing to comply with the IEC publications 60076. CSP Feature can be provided in the following range of transformers.

Single Phase: 5kVA-167 kVA

Three Phase : 10kVA-400 kVA

Insulation Level ≤ 12 kV ≤ 24kV ≤ 36 kV

Indoor / Outdoor installation

Conductor : Copper or Aluminium as per customer requirement

Hermetically sealed type ( with gas cushion / Fully filled) / Conventional type ( with conservator )

Color : as per customer requirement

Cooling arrangement : Corrugation or Pressed steel Radiators

Maximum ambient temperature : as per customer specification

Top oil Temperature rise : as per customer specification.

Average windings temperature rise : as per customer specification